Best Offline Shooting Games for Android

In the following article, we have gathered some of the best offline shooting games for android for you all mobile gamers who can’t last through the day without shooting some target practice. We have tried to run a full gamut to cover all preferences, from full-blow first shooters to single-tap precision sniping missions, so that you can find the one that you enjoy the most. Continue reading below!

1. N.O.V.A. 3: Freedom Edition
In N.O.V.A. 3, you continue the story from the previous installments as the former N.O.V.A. commander Kal Wardin. He has just crash-landed in San Francisco in the middle of an ongoing battle. There are several cutscenes mixed into the gameplay to tell you the in-depth story – which is probably the primary reason you keep coming back to the N.O.V.A. titles

The controls are accurate and responsive. Targeting on the touchscreen is aided by a button to aim down sights, this is a very nice feature for the gamers with big fingers.

Once you have completed the story, you can still continue playing the game to match against the enemy AI units. Actually, it also has a multiplayer mode which uses the local Wi-Fi or Internet access, but if you are specifically looking for an offline shooter, this is still a viable option.

2. Bullet Force
Bullet Force makes a solid choice if you are looking for a flexible game that can go online and offline as needed. It offers serious FPS actions with various game modes such as Free For All, Gun Game, Team Deathmatch, and Conquest. When running offline, it will match you against bots that are quite fun and challenging. There are more than 20 kinds of weapons that you can unlock and customize. The graphics are very nice, and you can tweak all the on-screen controls for the best comfort.

3. Hitman: Sniper
Hitman: Sniper is an excellent game title for people who love sniping games and for those who follow the Hitman series. In this game, you serve as Agent 47 who is equipped with a sniper rifle, stationed just outside an estate to hunt a high-priority target. Take your time to plan a course of action to remove the enemies stealthily. But don’t take too long! Each mission also features several additional objectives which you can complete to gain extra money for new weapons and weapon upgrades. There is also a very nice feature, Share Replay, if you are proud of the way you complete a particular mission and want to share it to your friends.

The game has excellent graphics and mechanics. You must account for unforeseen actions that the enemies make to help your primary target escape. It has intuitive and responsive controls. The music and voice acting are also really great.

4. Overkill 3
Overkill 3 brings a third-person experience as it guides you through every level. Your job? Aim and shoot the bad guys. Does that sound too easy? Well, wait until you reach the boss fight. If you really like challenges, you should choose the highest difficulty level before a boss fight. In Overkill 3, you can choose your weapons and gear before a mission. You unlock new weapons and gear as you progress. In order to unlock new missions, you should collect stars by accomplishing specific objectives.

5. Dead Trigger 2
And Dead Trigger 2 continues as the quintessential zombie-shooting title for mobile devices. It definitely deserves a spot in the best offline shooting games for android. The graphics are, wow, amazing, and it’s got a lot of tongue-in-cheeks references along with over-the-top baddies to slay down. The controls are nicely streamlined, which is nice for touchscreen devices. And, perhaps the most important thing is that you can now build everything manually without spending any real money.