Double Eagle M82

Airsoft Electric Weapon (AEG) 552 style. New generation Hop-Up Version Airsoft Electric Gun with Heavy Weight feel that makes it more sensible and sturdy. Motor Driven by 7.2 Ni-CD Rechargeable Battery. The M82 S552 is a complete weapons plan by Double Eagle Airsoft for brand-new and more youthful players. The M82 is a semi-automatic and fully-automatic electrical airsoft weapon powered by a rechargeable battery that fits just inside the hand guard. The weapon itself is a tactical carbine with an ergonomic ported hand guard, Rail Device System (RAS) segments, side-folding stock, and fitted with front and rear iron sights.

As a fully packed bundle this set includes an electronic red dot sight that can be installed onto the leading RAS section on the body of the rifle. Along with a vertical forward grip and working flashlight with a remote pressure switch. The muzzle can be outfitted with a suppressor style extension that screws onto the barrel end. Consists of a 40-round clear publication with metal dummy rounds. Shooting at the 150-200 FPS variety, it is a safer alternative to use in casual and recreational environments whether out in the yard or in the house.

– Speed: 200 fps
– Ammunition type: BBs
– Fire modes: Complete automobile or semi-auto
– Selection switch: Safe, single, continuously
– Power plant: Rechargeable ni-cad battery
– Flashlight: Yes
– Sight: Adjustable red-dot electric
– Stock: Foldable
– Battery battery charger: Yes

The Appeal of Airsoft Guns
Airsoft guns, nevertheless, supply you with a reasonable replica, allowing you to own a shooting (albeit nonlethal) version of that weapon. Typically speaking, most of the popular real-steel firearms have an airsoft counterpart, including the Heckler & Koch MP5 series, the age-old Heckler & Koch G3 fight rifle series, Colt M16s, Steyr AUGs, SIG 550s, FAMAs, AK-47s, M60 device guns, IMI Uzi and Ingram sub-machine weapons, well known handguns like Barettas, Colts, SIGs, and Glocks, Benelli M2 and Remington 870 shotguns, and sniping rifles like the PSG-1, M40A1, and Blaser 93R. Even Hollywood weapons like the RoboCop handgun and the M134 Vulcan– a six-barrel Gatling gun made famous by the Predator and Terminator films– have airsoft counterparts.

The capability to play and own with your dream weapons is appealing enough to lots of lovers. The included benefit of taking these weapons to a local playing field and “shooting” your friends in a friendly competitors is a hands-down selling point. There are numerous clubs, teams, and organizations committed to the sport of “waging war” with airsoft guns, known throughout the world as skirmishing. In essence, airsoft role-playing enables individuals to meet their dreams, which (due to physical disabilities or circumstances) they never ever got the chance to do themselves. These individuals may be bankers, insurance brokers, secretaries, students, or computer programmers by profession, however for one day a week they can be Green Berets, assassins, SWAT members, Navy SEALs, or whatever else.

Airsoft Electric Gun
Presenting our BBTac-M82P totally automated airsoft gun.

In-depth High Quality Product
Made with strong long lasting plastic that has the ability to keep heavy damage and abuse.

Easy to Load Clip
Reasonable looking clip that has the ability to hold up to 45 BBs.

Tactical Accessories
This consists of all accessories that are perhaps required in any type of firefight.

Compact Design
In tight situations you are able to compact your airsoft weapon to reduce the length for sharp corners.

Tactical Flash Light
In low lit locations or without any light at all, this airsoft rifle already comes geared up with a flashlight to illuminate anything that comes your way.

Red Dot Sight
Consists Of a GS-11 Red Dot Sight in order to look and intend down at your targets a lot easier.

Additional Accessories
This consists of a red dot scope and additional support.

Recharable Battery
Because this is battery run you have the ability to easily switch out batteries if searching for long game-plays.

Fully Automatic Airsoft Electric Weapon
Using a rechargeable battery you are able to shoot much faster with less work. The airsoft rifle includes a semi and an automated feature permitting you to shoot single shots or totally automatic.

All Set To Play Package
Bundle consists of battery, charger, clip, and tactical accessories.This is ready to take on the battlefield at anytime.