Romman Shisha

Smoked by royalty and stars all over the world, Romman Tobacco is developed to be finest hookah cigarette smoking tobacco possible. When you have actually attempted the Romman Tobacco you will see why it is considered the very best hookah tobacco worldwide. Romman Shisha Tobacco is considered the highest quality hookah tobacco on the planet. Hand-made with the greatest quality shisha ingredients possible, you will experience a remarkably smooth, extremely lasting and tasty hookah smoking experience.

Romman Tobacco is thought about the highest quality, most tasty hookah tobacco on the market. Freshly produced in the heart of Jordan by an experienced shisha master craftsman, this tobacco is hand made with care and attention to ingredient quality to make sure mouthfuls of brilliant, unfading flavor as you draw hours of silky cloudbursts of smoke. Smoke longer, smoke much better, smoke lusciously with Romman shisha.

Romman Shisha Tobacco is thought about the highest quality hookah tobacco in the world. Smoked by royalty and stars around the world, Romman Tobacco is developed to be the finest hookah cigarette smoking tobacco possible. From the first cumulonimbus breaths to the last juicy smoke rings, Romman delivers a pure unique fruit flavor from all-natural active ingredients. After hundred and numerous hours invested and while receiving a great deal of precise and well stated feedbacks, Romman Tobacco shisha has created these brand-new tastes and blended that will include pleasure to your hookah session and will offer a various type of experience.

Romman Premium Shisha is the highest quality hookah tobacco on the market. Each batch of Romman is hand-made in Jordan using just the greatest quality tobacco leaves and all natural ingredients. This focus on high quality ingredients offers Romman the longest lasting and most flavorful shisha experience. Romman is available in over 45 ranges with new flavors concerning market each year. Romman is the preferred shisha of skilled hookah lovers due to the fact that of its overall dedication to quality. Romman Premium Shisha is offered in 50 gram, 125 gram, 250 gram, 500 gram and kg containers.

The Romman 500 gram container holds 10 private 50 gram boxes of shisha. The carton is perforated and opens into a screen unit makings them ideal for tobacco retailers. The smaller sized size permits clients to buy numerous boxes to produce their favorite mixes or sample new flavors.

Tastes in Alphabetical order:
– Apple Cinnamon
– Banana Split
– Bay Breeze
– Pineapple and cranberry blend
– Berry Breeze
– Natural blended berries, without an overly sweet candy profile
– Berry Crush
– Sweet and sour berry mix
– Blackberry
– Blueberry
– Sweet blueberry blend
– Coffee
– Cherry
– Chocolate
– Chocolate Mint
– Chocolate Strawberry
– Chocolate Mint
– Cinnamon
– Mixed drink
– Blended fruit cocktail with medium sweetness
– Coconut
– Cola
– Double Apple
– Success
– Guava
– Ivory Coast
– Powerful Grapefruit with tips of pine (Nearly like smoking an strong)
– India Pale Ale)
– Kiwi Blast
– Cool kiwi with a small touch of tingly mint
– Laffy Taffy
– Lemon
– Lemon Mint
– Licorice
– Lime – Hands down the best Lime in the hookah market
– Long Island Ice Tea – Slightly sweet tea with hints of citrus
– Mango
– Melon Berry
– Strawberry and watermelon
– Mint
– Orange
– Peach
– Pina Colada – Smooth creamy coconut and pineapple
– Pineapple
– Plum
– Raspberry
– Rose
– Sour Kiss
– Strawberry fruit sweet, like the one you roll up
– Spearmint Gum
– Strawberry
– Summertime Crisp
– Sweet Melon
– Sweet Start
– Turkish Coffee
– Vanilla
– Watermelon